Valorant Replay Feature Will Arrive, But Not At Launch


Valorant is currently one of the most discussed video-games in the esports industry. After successfully hosting a test event for it on March 27, Riot Games made its closed-beta available on April 7. Since then, a lot of players have been jumping into it to try out Riot’s first FPS title. Various streamers have started focusing on this game solely, with some professional players even making a shift to it. Because of all the attention, the game is getting, Riot is constantly in touch with the community to know what they can do to further improve their game.


Since the game’s closed-beta went live, players have requested Riot to introduce a replay feature. The feature will basically allow players to watch demos of their gameplay. This is something through which they can further improve their gameplay. The replay feature is already present in many other titles such as CS:GO, which has its own GOTV, and Overwatch.

Valorant Devs Talk About Replay Feature

On Reddit, a user who goes by the name “Quachdaddy” recently made a post in which he claimed that Valorant needs a replay system. As per the user, he currently uses OBS for recording his Valorant gameplay, but he would prefer doing this with the game’s own replay system. His post started getting a lot of attention, something which pretty much confirmed that everyone wants to see a replay feature.

Valorant needs a replay system from VALORANT

In response to a comment claiming that the replay feature will become available at launch, one the Devs claimed that “We won’t have replays at launch (Sorry!)”. However, he went on to confirm that they are planning to introduce it to the game after the official launch. “Definitely going to be there at some point soon… and not seven years past launch like League!”.

In another comment, the developer claimed that the kill cam would be a great learning tool, and integrating a Replay feature will unlock it along with many other things. However, he claimed that he cannot provide a timeline for it right now. In any case, chances are that players will see it a few months after the game’s release considering they’re not planning to do what they did with League of Legends.

Valorant is currently expected to release in Summer 2020. Considering we’re really close to it, the developers will provide an exact release date for it soon. However, one thing to keep in mind here is that because of the current work-from-home environment, Riot might delay it. A few days ago, it was also reported that Riot Games might be working on Valorant Mobile.