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These Parents Who Read Their Loved Ones’ Last Messages Before Death Approached Them Will Make You Cry

The Most Painful Moments

Loved Ones' Last Messages

This life, the one you’re living right now, is a gift from God. It is the most precious gift you’ll ever receive. No one can give it to you, or take it from you. Only death can. And there is nothing more hurtful in this world than hearing the news of death of your loved one. No matter how strong a person is inside, it just hurts seeing a loved one die. But the thing that hurts the person more is when they are talking to the person moments before they die, and below are some of those unlucky people who went through this.

1- Goodbye Daddy.

This one comes from Jennifer, a girl whose dad was not feeling well after hurting his back. After a few days of suffering from pain, her dad finally went to the hospital. She often used to visit him, but she always left the hospital early because she couldn’t see her dad in such a state. She then started to spend every evening with him until he died. One week later, he passed away. Below are the last messages the father and daughter exchanged.

“I love you dad. I’ll see you soon.” – Jennifer
“I sure hope so.” – Dad

2- I miss you, best friend.

Family asides, friends are the one who are there for you through thin and thick. Despite the fact that you have fights with them, best friends are still best friends no matter what. Because of this, it is really painful to see a friend, specially a best friend pass away. These last messages Rob send to his best friend will truly break your heart. And the worst part is, he didn’t even got a reply to his first message.


Loved Ones' Last Messages

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