The Last of Us 2: Naughty Dog Took Accessibility Options To A Whole New Level


The fact that we will finally be able to get our hands on the upcoming title of Naughty Dog, The Last of Us 2 in about two and a half weeks in itself is breathtaking. On top of that, the discovery that the developers have made some remarkable accessibility upgrades is beyond words. It feels like the hype surrounding the title is absolutely worth it.

It is being said that this upcoming title stands as the most accessible game ever made under Naughty Dog’s supervision. Thanks to the handful of changes made in the accessibility setting that made this achievement possible.

The Reason behind the Change:

Senior Gameplay Designer Emilia Schatz along with Systems Designer Mathew Gallant explained the accessibility options of the game in a brief discussion. Emilia said that the reason behind the prime focus on the accessibility of the title was a letter sent to Naughty Dog from an Uncharted 2 fan complaining about failing to complete the game because of a button-mashing quick-time event. Although this issue was resolved in Uncharted 2 later, The Last of Us 2 is already set on track to avoid such disruptions.

“Accessibility for us is about removing barriers that are keeping players from completing a game,” Schatz says. “It’s not about dumbing down a game or making a game easy. What do our players need in order to play the game in parity with everyone else?”

Accessibility Options:

To add more to this pleasant news, Naughty Dog has introduced almost 60 new accessibility settings in the latest game. This includes subtitle colors, adjustable UI, complete text-to-speech options, and much more. In addition to this, the title also comes with a magnifying tool that the players will be able to use through the DualShock 4 touchpad. Just when we thought what more could they add, Naughty Dog came up with the mind-blowing idea of introducing a high-contrast mode for players who are visually impaired.

I believe the new high-contrast mode is perhaps the best accessibility setting so far. It works by changing the environment of the game in total gray color with friendly non-player characters in blue marking and red for the enemies. Gallants explained that this has only been possible because Naughty Dog has been focused on the feature from the very beginning of the game.

As a gaming enthusiast myself, it gives me great joy that due to this incredible design many more gaming fans will be able to enjoy this one hell of a title, free of any worries. I hope to see such impressive designs in all the upcoming titles so that no one is left behind, especially not because of their condition.