Is There Going To Be Temple Run Game Part 3 & 4?

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Temple Run 4

Remember Temple Run which blasted off the charts of Google’s Play Store and Apple’s IOS store in 2011 with more than a million downloads in it’s very first months?

Yes, that game literally became the most loving mobile game and just as famous as Super Mario. The Temple Run’s endless running with a human explorer jumping and sliding over/under the obstacles idea was just so epic to be famous.

Even though the game faced great troubles in the start but eventually with time the game crossed billions of downloads and led many fans to promote the game by word of mouth.

The fact that Imangi Studios – the team behind Temple Run had the game placed as $0.99 on the app store in the start, later made the game available free for everyone which led them an increase of 70% in downloads, making them more famous than Zynga which was the team behind Farmville.

Farmville Gameplay HD

Farmville was one of the greatest games on the App Store which reached around 10 million users playing the game daily!

With the huge success of Imangi Studios greatest game; Temple Run. They eventually teamed up with Disney to promote the film Brave by making a temple run style game on the movie, they also released the most amazing news for their fans during that time:

The Release of Temple Run 2!!!

Temple Run 2 was released in 2013, just 2 years after the classic Temple Run. Fans from all over the world were impressed with the release and continued to show their love for the game.

Temple Run 2 is based on more of a cowboy style theme while classic Temple Run was based on more of an explorer style theme.

After millions of fans started to finish both of the parts getting bored with playing the same themed game again and again, many of them requested Imangi Studios for the development of Temple Run 3 & 4.

If you remember Temple Run, I can bet that you would also know about the game Angry Birds which was developed by Rovio Entertainment. This game received so much love and downloads from the fans that the developers released more than 13 parts of the game.

Angry Birds Star Wars Gameplay HD

My personal favorite part of the Angry Bird series is Angry Birds Star Wars. Truly an amazing masterpiece of the series and a must-play.

Not only that, they also released Angry Birds Movie last year in 2016 by teaming up with Sony Pictures. I myself watched the movie and I must say it is worth the watch if you’ve been playing the game from the past years.

Heading back to the topic, Imangi Studios did not make up with the great expectations of their fans for further series.

Though Temple Run did not get the Temple Run 3 & 4 parts neither Imangi Studios said anything about the development, but Imangi Studios did release other parts such as Temple Run Brave and Temple Run OZ.

If you are a true fan of Temple Run looking for Temple Run 3 & 4, I would like to say that don’t get depressed and try the other alternate versions from the app store. They are just as great as the original series.

Here is a link for the 10 best similar games as Temple Run, and I would personally say to try out Into The Dead, it is much more amazing!

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