Spray Tan Your Way To Achieve That Hot Look

spray tan

Nothing compares to the hotness one gets by tanning oneself either it be by sun or without the sun. I will be covering the artificial tanning or to be more precise, a method of spray tan to get that real smoking hot body without actually lying under the sun.

What is Spray Tanning?

Spray tanning is the art of spraying mist onto the body which in-turn gives the desired color or the desired tanned look one is looking for.

What exactly does a spray consists of? Well it contains Dihydroxyacetone (DHA) as its core component.

There are specified saloons which offer spray tanning, although it can be done by anyone to themself but it’s better to visit a saloon because it’s complicated and need to be spray tanned carefully and smoothly.

Things To Know When You Visit A Saloon For Spray Tanning

As I said previously, you’ll need to visit a saloon to get a spray tan and once you get there, these following things are ought to be happening there:

  • Your saloon expert may use any device to spray tan your body. However in the most scenarios, it’s either air-gun or the booth.


  • You would be guided to the tanning bed where you are supposed to lie down and receive spray tan solution onto your body.


  • If you get spray tanned with air-gun then you would be guided to lay down, stand still or in some other different pose by your saloon expert to spray tan you.


  • If they prefer to do it with a booth as most of the saloons prefer to do it with a booth then you will be guided to a specified booth for spray tanning. What is so special about this booth? Well it has some fine amount of nozzles that would spray tan your entire body down with some solution.

Why Spray Tan Your Body?

There are a couple of reasons to spray tan your body for instance it gives you some real hot looks. If you have a busy schedule or the sun is not in reach for you spray tan is the best available option out there.

It is easy to spray tan your body, however it can be costly but that “costly” can matter different for different people.

Spray tan is easier and better than the lotion technique. As compared to lotion your entire body by yourself, spray tan is comparatively easier, better and less time consuming than the lotion technique.

All you have to do is to go to saloon, get naked, get spray tanned and it’s done!

People prefer spray tanning over all other tanning options out there because of evenly distributed tanned look all over the body.

Lotions can be unevenly distributed at some places and sun would not bother to burn your skin even if you just intend to get some tan from it so spray tan is one of the safest and most effective tan option out there.

After Spray Tan Look

It can result from real happiness to real regret for those with their first time with spray tanning. The color after spray tan varies from person to person and one can select how much he wants to be tanned.

Once you get your spray tan session started, you would be asked how much dark you want it to be.

You can then explain them how much dark you want it to be by mathematical ways or just showing them a picture whether it be of a celebrity or your own picture when you were moderately tanned.

spray tan

Pros of Spray Tan

Cons of Spray Tan

It provides an evenly distributed tanned look.Requires a saloon or some expert from saloon in most of the cases.
It’s less time consuming than other tanning options out there.It’s expensive than the other tanning options available out there such as the free sun we have.
Spray tan dries quicker than the other methods.It will interact with your skin in it’s own way thus maybe giving you a look that you wont like.
You can select yourself that how much darker tan you want.It only lasts almost a week, so you would have to visit the saloon each and every week to keep that tanned look.
Because of it’s quick dry property, it wont be ruining your cloths, your bed sheet, sofa or whatever interacts with your body.It won’t be ruining your clothes etc but for sure it’s bad smell will cause you a headache.


Things To Do Before Getting A Spray Tan

  • When planning to go to saloon for spray tan, better plan a shower first. It’s necessary so that your body is free from dirt particles which would disturb the evenness of the spray tan you are just going to receive.


  • If you are wearing some kind of makeup or anything just simply remove it before your spray tan session. Reach the saloon in your raw form!


  • Wear casual or your most hated clothes. Since you have to put them back again after your spray tan session is over but your body would be covered in solution so they will get dirty and they may catch some smell. so it’s better to put on the clothes that you hate.


  • No showering after spray tan session for about 6-8 hours. Maybe the product your saloon used allows you to shower a bit lower than 6 hours but still on average it is good to shower after 6- 8 hours.


  • Don’t use perfume just after you are done with spray tanning. Perfume can harm it.


  • No moisturizer or skin care products after spray tan session. Wait for about 6-8 hours then after shower apply what you want but nothing before that awaited shower. Some people prefer to use moisturizer after 16-24 hours so it’s better to wait that much.


  • Before going to saloon, make sure to wax your hair out so that they don’t make your tanned looks appear wild.


  • Color would take around 4 hours to completely develop itself so you gotta be careful for about 4 hours which means no shower, no soap, no moisturizer etc.


  • Spray tan solution would be cold, freaking cold for some people.


  • At first the color would be darker than the color you selected but it will eventually settle down when it gets dry.

Is Spray Tan Safe?

Spray tan is considered safe because there are no harmful chemicals in it. The dihydroxyacetone (DHA) it conntains causes no harmful effect on skin.

So spray tan is one of the safest tanning option out there because even the best tanning option i-e the sun could burn your skin and it’s probably safer than that.

Some people say that it’s better to avoid interaction of spray tan solution with lips and eyes. I would say that too, it’s better to avoid than to regret.

Although it hasn’t harmed someone but still who knows maybe it would harm you as each individual is different.

Consult your physician, dermatologist medical expert before undergoing spray tanning. Maybe you have strange skin disease that might be triggered by spray tan solution so better consult your medical specialist before undergoing spray tanning.

How Long Spray Tan lasts?

Usually spray tan lasts about 4 days to about 7 days. For some people it lasts a week and for others it only lasts some 4 days so it varies.

It depends on many factors such as your skin type, the spray tan solution used on your body, whether it dried fully good or not and some other factors.

Spray Tan Facts

  • On average spray tanning costs about $35.


  • Although spray tan is like a coat on the skin but it won’t be shielding one from the harmful ultraviolet rays coming from the sun.


  • Spray tan solution is cold.


  • The one you selected for this job maybe do it this in his own way.


  • Although there are different spray tans solutions in the market today but they all contain the same core element however, they may differ because of other chemicals included in them.


  • Spray tan is the easiest tanning available option out there.


  • You have to weekly visit the saloon or even less if you want to be tanned day in day out.


  • Spray tan’s solution scent would be well distributed among your clothes, car and everything you interact with.

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