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These Sad Breakup Texts Will Make You Cry


Most Depressing Sad Breakup Texts

Such sad breakup texts will not only break the person from inside but will make them feel lost and dead from inside.

A person’s heart is the most fragile part of the human body when it comes to absorbing emotional feelings and the bitterness of this world.

No matter how strong you are from inside, take a heartbreak and you’ll know what it feels to get hurt. It’s really sad why people do this, and it also isn’t easy to move on especially for the sensitive people.

But well, some of these unlucky lovers got to breakup with their lifelines, others messed up with their ex while some of the others cheated on each other.

Most of the people seem so chill that it makes me personally angry, and it made the texts a little more awkward rather than sad.

Most Sad Breakup Texts Ever!

Sometimes your ex is just savage who makes your standard go more low, these people deserve hell. Never go so low for anybody no matter what or how much you love them!

Most Depressing Sad Breakup Texts

While other people just breakup so nicely and romantically that it’s like a person doesn’t want to leave another person but on the same hand has to leave the other person. Kinda weird but well…this is life.

Most Depressing Sad Breakup Texts

Sometimes people just need to understand to be themselves, if the others don’t like them for who they truly are, just simply forget ’em!

Most Depressing Sad Breakup Texts

While many such awkward situations arrive where one of the person if finding a way to breakup and find any synonyms for “breakup” as an opportunity to themselves, thus it sometimes end up awkwardly like this one.

Most Depressing Sad Breakup Texts

Many people try to find a way to get back and send an emotional message to their loved one saying that they were sending to someone else, for the screenshot below it doesn’t look to me as an accident, what do you think?

Either ways when one of the person is fire, the other should be water for a successful relationship!

The most depressing one is this one below. One of the person among the couple always gives their best and cares the most for the other person.

They try all they could to gain the attention from the other person and fell in love with each other two-sidedly. But things don’t go as we want, does it?

Most Depressing Sad Breakup Texts

Continuing with our lame texts, some of the people are so chill that they literally don’t give a shit about their relationship, like this one.

This guy is so chill that he’s actually more mad about the spoiler of Star Wars his friend revealed rather than his girlfriend who was cheating on him.

While others mess it up real badly.

Some people have so much attitude and ego that it just makes a person feel to kill that person, but since they’re in love with them, it just makes them feel killing themselves.

Most Depressing Sad Breakup Texts

Then comes people like these who are careless as hell. Like literally you have responsibilities to take care of when in a relationship. If your man or woman does something like this, just forget ’em.

Most Depressing Sad Breakup Texts

It just hurts seeing such messages, especially texts like these one.

Most Depressing Sad Breakup Texts

And this, this is truly the most saddest one among these all in my opinion.

Imagine you wake up one morning feeling all romantic and all and then message your lover but receive a heartbreaking reply from someone else from their phone. Damn, heartbreaking as hell.

Most Depressing Sad Breakup Texts

While these kinds of breakup are just weird, I mean…are you happy with the fact that the guy used some song lyrics or sad because of the fact that you just got single? Weird…

Most Depressing Sad Breakup Texts

Many times there is always one of the two lovers that never lose hopes and wants to live for the rest of his/her life with the one they love.

Marrying is something serious and people can only think about marrying if they truly love the other person from their heart, but well… sedlyf.

Most Depressing Sad Breakup Texts

Are they serious?

Most Depressing Sad Breakup Texts

Sometimes you just type all the stuff your heart is willing to scream out but then you get the two choices; either click send and end the shit, or erase and continue with your fakeness.

Most Depressing Sad Breakup Texts

While some people are just savage!

Most Depressing Sad Breakup Texts

So let us know which of the texts you felt the most saddest in the comments below!

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