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Pudelpointer – A Mix Breed

Want a friendly aggressive dog? Well I got you covered!

In the previous article I talked about Maltipoo dogs which are the most cute little dogs similar to a Chihuahua, but this time we have a friendly aggressive dog and it is known as Pudelpointer.

Since both the Maltipoo and Pudelpointer share the same mother Poodle (pudel), so they have many things in common like intelligence and affection. This dog breed has a twisted personality, to understand its personality let’s have a look at its ancestors first.

A pudelpointer is a breed of Pudel and an Englishpointer. The friendly and lovely nature of Pudelpointer comes from its mother Pudel as I mentioned above who is well known for its friendly traits.

Hunting nature of Pudelpointer comes from its daddy which is an Englishpointer, so this breed is simply a friendly beast.


Objectives Behind This Breed

When the idea of an intelligent friendly beast struck peoples mind they start to figure out ways to get a dog breed which has both; a lovely nature and hunting abilities.

After spending significant amount of time thinking, they finally decided to mate a Pudel bitch with an Englishpointer. Although the first Pudelpointer did not exactly had what breeders were looking for but eventually breeders got what they were looking.

The sole objective of this breeding was to obtain a dog which is intelligent, friendly, have sharp abilities and can serve as a great hunting dog.

A dog which has high amount of stamina, a dog which shows affection and a dog which can serve both in home and in hunting grounds.

They succeeded in their objective and what they got was a breed obtained by mating a Pudel with an Englishpointer, the Pudelpointer.

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Origin of Pudelpointers

Pudelpointers were first bred in Germany.

When the idea of obtaining a breed which can go hunting in both land and water, can go hunting for an extended period of time, is intelligent enough to coupe up with hunting and is good at home too.

The first breeding was done in 1881 and was successful. They succeeded to create a breed with both friendly and aggressive nature, and till now there are very few Pudelpointers in United States.

Abilities of Pudelpointers

Pudelpointer has both sharp and lovely abilities. It is your best friend, your family’s buddy and a badass hunting dog to really lighten up your hunting fantasies.

This intelligent breed comes with many positive points for instance its nose is way too sharp making it ideal for hunting.

Pudelpointer is very energetic just like its mother Pudel but as its mother utilizes all her energy playing indoor with a ball or something, the Pudelpointer utilizes all its energy and stamina in hunting.

This friendly beast is a true versatile hunter who is very strong and can enthusiastically pave its way from thick and thin in both land and water.

Due to its curious and sharp abilities it can serve great as a watch dog since it can scare the shit out of the thief.

Besides this fierce nature Pudelpointers have some real affectionate nature too, they seek a lot of affection and love from their owner.

If you are about to go hunting for a long time then consider taking Pudelpointer with you since this dog got some serious hunting stamina and can last very long.

You don’t wanna have some thrilling adventurous hunting scenario without your dog fainting away in mid way of your journey, do you?

Physical Characteristics


As per physical characteristics, the Pudelpointer is about 2 foot long just like its daddy Englishpointer and has weight of about 20-30 kg.

That too can vary depending upon various circumstances such as feeding and exercise it gets.

Pudelpointer has a harsh and rough wool type of hair textured coat which serves very good when it comes to hunting.


Its coat comes in three different colors which are black, liver color and brown which is the most common color among them.

I’ve got a good and a bad news for the people with allergy issues, the good news is that Pudelpointer shed a little so chances of allergy are minimized.

But the bad news is… for allergy even a single hair is enough so you still have to be very careful.

Spend some time getting along with Pudelpointer and see if its hair gives you allergy or not and then find a solution accordingly.


Since pudels are very intelligent, the Pudelpointer got their characteristics from their ancestors too and can easily understand what its trainer is trying to teach in their training session.

Pudelpointers also got hunting passion in their genes with an intense desire to hunt fiercely all day so they train with passion and neither the Pudelpointer nor the trainer gets bored from their training sessions.

This dog breed got some serious abilities so it requires the trainer to use his head a little and make sure the Pudelpointer uses all its senses to get exactly what the owner wants from it.


As for the diet, just like for any other dog a high quality dog food would always be a perfect option. You can give your Pudelpointer something nutritious besides the dog food to eat but that is not risk free.

Either ways, it’s best to consult a pet specialist and ask them first before making a move for the change in diet.

Also, before giving anything new to Pudelpointer research and collect significant amount of information.


Since this dog has high energy levels it requires daily exercise. A morning walk for about an hour or a half is a must since not only for humans or specifically pudelpointers, exercise plays an important part in everyone’s growth!

They have a wild passion for hunting and so they should be trained aggressively according to their fierce instincts.

Train them well so that they can save you and themselves when it comes to critical situations in hunting grounds.


Just like its parents the Pudelpointer also has more than 10 years lifespan.

On average they have a lifespan of 12 years which can be extended with proper care, proper love and proper fate. So treat them well and they will treat you well!

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