PS5: Some Leaks May Have Given It’s Release Date


Coronavirus has affected our lives in every way possible. It has destroyed everything in its way including the gaming industry. This pandemic has damaged Sony the most as the company delayed their games, trade shows, and gaming events. The most shocking moment was when Sony pulled out from MWC.  

PlayStation 5 Release Date  

From the past few days leaks are circulating on the internet that Sony will reveal the PS5 design via an online announcement on June 2nd. Earlier it was expected to release in February 2020 but due to COVID-19, it was delayed. 

All the chatter started when a reporter Jason Schreier posted the Xbox teaser on his Twitter account. In his tweet, a user asked him about the PS5 controller to which he replied; “Few more weeks I believe”. We have all the reasons to not believe him but again he is considered as a reliable source in the industry. Furthermore, he also said PS5 will be available for pre-order after the announcement and will release on November 20. 

Also, another user (@PSErebus) on Twitter posted that the final design for the PS5 will be unveiled on the PlayStation Blog on June 2. Not only this, but the user also posted a series of tweets in which he gave more information about PS5. From giving the exact dates and mentioning specific games, exactly when they will be ready to play in Boost Mode, and what will be the design on the cover, he mentioned everything. 

Expected Price of PS5

In reply to others on Twitter, the user also mentioned the price of PS5. He said GAME will charge £50 to pre-order and if you pay with a Debit or Credit card online, there will be no deposit. Moreover, he also stated that GAME will not tell you the pre-order details until Sony announces it.  

Well, there is a big chance that everything is made up but this much information is hard to ignore. There is a thin chance of this news being true because the pandemic has not slowed down at all and it is causing damage to everything every day. However, we never know what will happen but we can only hope for the positive things.