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    Disposable Hookah Pens Are Very Harmful! Here’s Why

    Man Black and white smoking

    Are Disposable Hookah Pens More Harmful Than An Actual Hookah Itself? Teens nowadays are always up looking to adopt any latest trend going on around them no matter what kind of crazy stuff it includes. Including the fact that they simply want to look ‘cool’ near their friends, they literally just look UNCOOL!  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Then comes […]

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    Spray Tan Your Way To Achieve That Hot Look

    spray tan

    Nothing compares to the hotness one gets by tanning oneself either it be by sun or without the sun. I will be covering the artificial tanning or to be more precise, a method of spray tan to get that real smoking hot body without actually lying under the sun. What is Spray Tanning? Spray tanning […]

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    3 Common Mental Disorders Your Teen Might Be Facing

    So your baby is all grown up to a teenager now and is starting to act weird, you might be wondering what is the sole reason behind this weird and sometimes rebellious behaviour. Is it because of poor parenting? Or you just couldn’t keep up with your baby’s day to day life. That might be […]

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    5 Ways To Live Life Perfectly

    Live Life Perfectly

    It’s always a good day to start with good things to become a better person in life. Everybody needs to make a plan on how to go through their life professionally. I’ve seen many people even make plans about their future, but during their time they’re just too lazy to follow their plans. So if […]

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    6 Common Vehicle Shapes For Daily Life Usage

    Automobile industry is taking over the globe and man! Who would had thought that there would be these many vehicles on the road around the globe as there are today. I spend most of my day in traffic jams despite trying different routes, and i’m definitely sure you are facing such problems as I am. […]