Multiple Modern Warfare And Warzone Fixes On Their Way Along With Changes To MK9 Bruen Unlock Method

Modern Warfare

Call of Duty Modern Warfare and Warzone players have been reporting about different bugs and issues since they were released. Although Infinity Ward has tried to fix a lot of them, the developers just can’t prevent new ones from appearing on the surface.

Modern Warfare

The worst part is that they end up introducing new bugs to the game whenever they release an update. Thankfully, some of the developers from Infinity Ward have confirmed that they are aware of some big issues, meaning that they’ll hopefully get resolved soon.

MK9 Bruen Unlock Method

To begin with, ever since the MK9 Bruen LGM was added to the game, players have been complaining about its unlocking method. At the moment, in order to unlock it, you will have to kill three opponents near smoke in 15 different matches. Since it can be quite frustrating to get your enemy nearby smoke, players have been requesting the developers to change this. Fortunately, the game’s Co-Design of Multiplayer, Joe Cecot claimed that they are working on changing it to “make it count both if you or the victim are in the smoke.” This means that you will soon have to no longer worry about making sure your opponent is next to the smoke.

Obsidian Camo Not Covering The Sniper Scope

FaZe Clan’s Dirty recently tweeted an image in which he pointed out an odd issue linked to the Obsidian camo. The content creator claimed that the camo was covering the entire KAR98k Sniper, except for the scope. Joe Cecot was quicky to reply to him and thanked him for sharing the screengrab. Now that he’s aware of the issue, a fix for it will most likely arrive very soon. Cecot also got aware of the “under the map” bug in Warzone after a player shared a video of it.

Battle Pass Getting Locked For No Reason

In the past few days, many players have been complaining about their Battle Pass getting locked for some reason. While this isn’t the first bug linked to the Battle Pass, it sure is the most annoying one. However, Ashton Williams has confirmed that its a known issue. Considering it’s being faced by a lot of players, Infinity Ward will most likely fix it in the coming weeks.

No Plans For The Weapon Inspect Mechanic

The weapon inspect mechanic has remained one of the top requested features ever since the game was released. Many players were hoping that Infinity Ward will most likely add it soon to the game.

However, the game’s Art Designer, Joel Emslie canceled all rumors and speculations by claiming that they have no current plans of adding it to the game.