Maltipoo | A Mix Dog Breed Who Can Be Your Cuddling Best Friend

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Maltipoo Puppies

Maltipoo dogs are one of the cutest, friendly and the most cuddly dog breed out there.

These cute little souls are just so lovely that they can make any person fall for their sight, and even if a stranger wants to become a friend with them, they don’t need to have a struggle with that because maltipoo become friends with almost anyone instantly.

Even your child can share some real good friendship with them but take precaution when you let your child handle a maltipoo, because these little cutie pies are so fragile that a strong lovely hug can kill them!

Genetic traits

Maltipoo is a hybrid breed dog. It is a mix of Poodle and Maltese. Poodles are widely known for their intelligence and dog sports and have various dog activities like agility, obedience and they serve very well as assistance dogs. So the baby Maltipoo gets its highly active and similar nature from poodles.

On the other hand Maltese are very friendly dogs, they can get attached to almost everyone and their lovely and playful nature is what amuses their owners.

As per physical characteristics, both maltese and poodle are like maltipoo and have same weights and same height.

Maltipoo Puppies

Physical Features

Maltipoo is relatively a small puppy. It weighs around 2.2 kg to around 7 kg, and as much as height is considered – they are around 8 to 14 inches tall.

Its coat is lovely and low shedding, so you don’t need to worry about brushing a maltipoo every day. It got various colors but people mostly prefer it white, still it can vary from people to people so the other most preferred colors are silver and cream.

Maltipoo’s coat is curly, or to be more precise – it’s like wool and fluffy type coat. The fact that it still sheds relatively lower than others with that coat is simply amazing. But that does not mean it doesn’t shed at all, so people with allergy issues still need to consider that fact and be careful when owning any dog, and not just a maltipoo.


Maltipoos have very friendly in nature and because of that, as I already mentioned – they can become friends with anyone easily. The same maltipoo can be your friend, your child’s friend and your spouse’s friend. That friendly nature makes them lovely and so… energetic as well!

They don’t require much of an exercise and they can keep themselves happy playing hours and hours with just a ball.

If your maltipoo has a playful spirit, then make them busy with this lovely treat dispenser rubber ball, it’s one of their favorite toy!

People who prefer being indoor all the times here is a good new for you our maltipoo likes it too, so you both on the same boat now. Just a little bit of walk a day and your maltipoo would be happy for the rest of day.

Maltipoos are kinda social and they require socialization for their proper growth. To make sure your little maltipoo grows up to be a better maltipoo doggy, take it out and let it meet other doggies.

Let it use all its senses so that it becomes a cute and friendly grownup maltipoo.

Already own a Maltipoo? Either yes or no, check out one of the best maltipoo owner’s manual book out there! 


Maltipoos are generally intelligent which makes training them comparatively very easy. However they are sensitive too since they are lovely and friendly they can easily get hurt.

Training them requires a little bit tactics. If you train them with love and care they will learn it in no time. If you train them with anger, aggression and yell on them they will get hurt.

When they get hurt, they would no longer be able to go well with you so a little bit of love during training can go a long way.

After you have done your training session praise them, and show some affection and love to them and surprise them with their favourite delights and cuddle with them so that they really love their training and their trainer.


Since both the poodle and the maltese were quite friendly, the baby maltipoo got its friendly nature from its parents. Many people prefer maltipoos over other dogs because it gets along with everyone.

Maltipoos are childish and even when they become a grown up doggy, they would still act like a small puppy. Since maltipoos are intelligent, they’re easy to handle and you can train them easily because they can understand you more efficiently.

Because of these intelligence characteristics, maltipoos can detect whether a thief is about to enter or if someone tries to harm you they bark a lot and it is a bit loud tho.

They can be good for security purposes too in a way of alerting you of a burglar. They love to cuddle and they get deeply attached with people that’s why they always require someone to be with them all the time.


As per diet, it’s better to give maltipoo a high quality dog food since they can go well with it.

However they can go with other nutritious stuff besides dog food very well. If you want to give something nutritious to give your maltipoo besides dog food, you can.

They can eat other stuff also like snacks but it’s best to bring them to other stuff slowly so they don’t encounter any health issues.

Though you definitely would want to treat them for their good behavior with their favorite special treats which are freeze dried dog treats.

Better research a bit about food which you are about to give your maltipoo because some foods can cause plagues which can even lead to a dental concern.


Maltipoos require some special care. As per physical care, they require a bath every three to four weeks and require everyday brushing.

Since their ears can get covered with debris and dirt it is good to keep them clean daily and their hair around the eyes need to be cut a little bit. Their head require a monthly trim.

As per mental care, they cannot withstand yelling and aggression. It’s better not to go too hard on them. They are intelligent and would understand you better if you go soft and in a friendly way, so never show them even slightest of anger or your maltipoo would feel down .

Maltipoo Puppies

Since they get attached to people quickly, they need someone to be with them all the time. If they lose their best buddy they will start biting themselves and would try to tear their own coats and would try to harm themselves.

So it’s always better to be with them all the time since a maltipoo cannot withstand separation and once it is separated from its owner it would try to harm itself. Its better to be in love with them and never get separated!

Health Concerns

None of us wants our maltipoo to get any of the health problem but they can get some. Every dog can get some health problem and as per this dog, these following diseases are common:

White Shaker Syndrome

Maltipoo can get white shaker syndrome. It shows itself as fast eye movements, lack of coordination and can cause trembling. White shaker syndrome can manifest itself when the dog is around six months old.

White shaker syndrome is said to be not painful for the dog and it does not effect its nature. Maltipoo can be performing the same before and after it gets white shaker syndrome. If you suspect that your dog has been hit by white shaker syndrome better consult a veterinarian.

Patellar Luxation

This disease is kind of lameness. It is a bit common in small dog. Many dogs get patellar luxation by birth and it is less common to see after.

It is caused when the patella is not properly connected. Patella basically has three parts. Knee joint, calf and thigh bone.

A bit issue in patella can cause lameness. It depends on what grade of patellar luxation your dog has and each grade has different treatment options. It can range from a little care to surgical repair.

Progressive Retinal Atrophy

This disease causes blindness. Since dogs can use other senses very well so they can perform well even with progressive retinal atrophy.

Since maltipoos are indoor good and play all the time indoor, they can use other senses and can still play at the same indoor place. However moving them to new place after they hit this disease may cause them difficulty.

Photosystematic Shunt

This disease is characterized by inability of blood to properly circulate between liver and body. After photosystematic shunt a dog may experience  lack of appetite, hypoglycemia (low blood sugar), intermittent gastrointestinal issues,drug intolerance, loss of appetite,poor balance, urinary tract problems, intermittent gastrointestinal issues,drug intolerance, and stunted growth.

Though sometimes a surgery is required to fix the underlying issue.


Maltipoos have a lifespan of 12 years on average. However this number can vary depending upon the environments and care offered.

They can even live up to 16 years or more as it completely depends upon the care and love offered to them and ofcourse, its own fate. Maltipoo got its life span same as its parents, maltese and poodle both on average have a life span of 12 years.

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