Disposable Hookah Pens Are Very Harmful! Here’s Why

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Are Disposable Hookah Pens More Harmful Than An Actual Hookah Itself?

Teens nowadays are always up looking to adopt any latest trend going on around them no matter what kind of crazy stuff it includes.

Including the fact that they simply want to look ‘cool’ near their friends, they literally just look UNCOOL!  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Then comes the fact that whatever shit that includes ‘smoke’ such as vape, cigarette, electronic shisha and hookah, actual shisha and hookah, cigar, weed, etc gets their attraction the most.

These disposable hookah pens can be bought in around $5-10 wheras vapes can be bought around $30-150+ depending on the Watts.

So to the teens carrying around e-shisha/hookah pens seem easier since they can smoke in secret and not get caught by anyone.

Though, the size of an actual hookah doesn’t really matter since a big glass hookah and a mini hookah both offer almost the same amount of threat to a person. The thing that matters the most is the shisha/hookah tobacco and coals that are the main root of all the harmfulness.

But regardless the fact that teens are addicted to such stuff the most, adults are the ones who ‘inspire’ the teens to do such things.

In either case, none of the age groups know the threats such things bring to ones’ body and so we’re going to discuss about electronic hookahs and shishas and that how much harmful chemicals they include as well as their advantages and disadvantages.

But well, first we will talk about the differences between a shisha and a hookah. “Shisha” basically refers to the tobacco used within itself which is usually the fruit-flavored substance while “Hookah” refers to the water pipe.

Although there is no big difference in both of their designs, but they are definitely two different smoking appliances. You can check out the differences in detail from here

Martin Borne E-Shisha Pen

The Most Common Substance Used – Nicotine

The most common stuff included in an electronic shisha/hookah pen is nicotine. Nicotine has been studied very much in-depth by scientists all over the world, so it’s till today known to be both, a good chemical for helping smokers quit smoking and a bad chemical which can cause lifelong health issues for a person.

Inhaling nicotine occasionally isn’t a problem but inhaling it vigorously every day is something serious and may lead to unwanted medical conditions such as cancer.

But for the people who do it occasionally, don’t get so happy because even if you smoke nicotine just once, it can cause you a lot of trouble since it travels directly into your brain within 10-15 seconds and causes your blood flow, heart rate and blood pressure to increase for a short time which may reduce your oxygen levels.

But apart from the disadvantages, nicotine also has an advantage which is that it helps in producing feelings of pleasure and relaxation since it effects neurotransmitter (which is dopamine) when it reaches directly in the brain, dopamine is the chemical which controls ones’ feelings and plays other roles as well in the body and brain.

So electric hookah pens relaxes a person more than a cigarette and does almost 40% less damage to ones’ body as compared to a cigarette.

When nicotine is inhaled it stays in the blood flow of a person and mixes with the blood inside. So if you’re feeling not-so-good after smoking then you should go to a doctor and have a nicotine test.

There are three ways to test the dopeness flowing within you, which includes nicotine urine test, nicotine saliva test and nicotine blood test, there is also a fourth test which is the nicotine hair test but that is less common so the best one to go for is nicotine urine test since it is processed much faster cause the waste products of a human body are removed faster while the detoxification of nicotine from blood is slower.

Disposable Hookah Pen

So the real question arises again, is it safe and can you yourself or let your child smoke it? Well, there are hundreds of articles and videos made on this topic but no one has been able to give an exact answer and neither can I give an exact answer.

So smoking such stuff once or twice a week wouldn’t harm you much and may actually help you on restraining from smoking a cigarette etc if you were previously a real smoker, except if you’re already in a medical condition such as if you have cancer or asthma etc then STAY AWAY!

And smoking daily will definitely lead you to your nearest hospital, so never ever adopt such habit of smoking anything daily.

Best Tips On How To Stop Smoking Such Stuff

Regardless the fact that the more you stop your teen from such things, the more the curiosity begins and the more your teen will cope up with such stuff. So it is better to alert and warn them of the damage it can bring to them and allow them only once or twice a week. If you want to read in depth about the chemicals present in a shisha/hookah pen, read here.

The easiest way to stop smoking is to get less depressed or stressed about anything and adopt a hobby which brings you happiness and excitement and on which you can focus and pass your time every day.

Other less-harmful products such as drinking coffee or tea can help as well since they also have similar ingredients present which activates your dopamine.

Apart from hobbies and adapting other products, one should know themselves to not get involved in such stuff as it may cause their present and future to ruin since many smokers found themselves in a lot of trouble.

But that too was the case when they smoked daily for years, the only best way if you cannot avoid such stuff is yet again, smoke occasionally but not daily. This way you will recover easily the next day of smoking and get yourself up again, as well as your blood flow, heart and oxygen rate will be back to normal within hours.

Disclaimer: This is not an advice but just an opinion, so if anything happens to you it’s not our fault!

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