Days Gone: Journey of 200 Million hours in One Year


SIE Bend Studios’ most successful title Days Gone is one year old now. Days Gone has covered many big milestones including one of the biggest exclusive PS4 releases last year. Yesterday, Bend Studio took it to twitter to celebrate the first successful year of the title.


Bend Studios went on by thanking all the players for their love and support and all the wonderful memories of the title. On top of that, the developer shared some fascinating in-game stats like how easily the game completed 200 million hours in just a year, 45 million Hordes, 30 million Ambush Camps, 32 million Infestations cleared, and 30 million Nero checkpoints.

Although 1 million players used the photomode, 600,000 still vouched for innovative structures. To further add to the glory of the game, players earned an enormous number of trophies, 100 million.

One Year Journey:

Let’s have a look at the one year journey of the open-world zombie action and adventure game, Days Gone. It became the best performing game shortly after its release. The Golden Joystick Awards announced Days Gone as “PlayStation Game of the Year 2019”. Not only this, but the game also became the best-selling title for Bend Studios in the US, UK, and Japan.

Besides the fact that Days Gone has no seasons, the game has seen numerous new updates and modes over the course of time. There were some rumors circulating around the game that it might be coming to PC soon but no such thing has happened yet. However, Bend Studios recently posted a new job vacancy for Senior Staff Technical Artist.

Upcoming Developments:

Furthermore, the developer mentioning their upcoming AAA project, and considering the commercial success of Days Gone, it seems like a Sequel of the title is in the development pipeline. As Bend studios said last year that they want Days Gone to be a franchise and explore many different opportunities. In addition, the sequel is rumored to be released alongside the PS5. Given the sales Days Gone made on the PS4, it would be quite a smart way to boost up the sales of both things.

Either way, a Sequel or an AAA project, fans are impatiently waiting for some exciting new content. We will keep you guys in the loop in case any news pops-up.