6 Common Vehicle Shapes For Daily Life Usage

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Automobile industry is taking over the globe and man! Who would had thought that there would be these many vehicles on the road around the globe as there are today. I spend most of my day in traffic jams despite trying different routes, and i’m definitely sure you are facing such problems as I am. The good part is that all these vehicles fell into 6 categories despite having different designs and shapes.

In this article I would be discussing about various car shapes so that you can better analyze which one you should be going for. But well people have their own perspectives, either ways check out these 6 vehicles anyways.

I won’t be discussing brands because since there are so many brands out there, so there are many fanboys and I cannot withstand the fan wars. If you ever see a huge crowd and people fighting all over the place, you can guess that they quarreled over car brands for example fans of Audi and BMW are always in a state of war with each other.

But in this article I wont be talking about which car (car brand) you should buy instead I’ll be discussing the different car shapes along with their purpose so that you can pick the right one for yourself. So let’s get started!

Vehicles can be classified into 6 shapes. If you observe on road, you would see cars are of different shapes like some are real huge while others are small. Some are decent sized and each one has their own capabilities and uses. Let’s cover them all up.


This is the most popular car shape of all time. A sedan is also known as Saloon. If you want a decent car for your decent sized family say 2-5 people than sedan might be the best option for you. A sedan is fuel efficient but it is less fuel efficient than a hatch (the one with 660cc engine). It’s the most decent car choice for family. If you are looking a luxurious and decent sized family car then go for sedan.


This class of cars is a fierce display of class along with swag. Many big families ( around 7-8 family members ) prefer SUV. This big vehicle often comes with big engines however, there exists big and small SUVs. The Small one’s with 1000cc engine turbo charged like Audi Q2 and big SUVs like Range Rover Sport. However these are expensive than sedan. What makes the SUV special? Their offroad capabilities. A normal sedan car can’t go offroad because of the suspension, ground clearence and many other factors. However, SUV can be the best choice for offroad family trip.


This class of cars have a swag of their own. It’s the ultimate offroad ride. It’s not a family car but it can be used as one. Most of the times it’s kept by people who are a bit adventurous and are a bit cocky about themselves. Engine power and torque can range and they are not fuel efficient. So if you have a family of 5-7 members and you like to adventure alot than UTE can serve as a good powerful car.


This class of vehicles is physically bigger in size than any other category unless it’s a mini jeep. These vehicles contain big engines and these are some giant vehicles with some real heavy weight. They offer the most hardcore offroad thrills. Like have a look at Mercedez G65 it has a 6.0 liter twin turbo V12 producing 612 hp and it weighs around 3 tons. So Jeeps/Wagons are the best offroad vehicles when it comes to serious adventure


Hatches are good for long journeys. They can carry around five passengers and some real decent amount of luggage. However, now-a-days the trend of small hatches has taken over the big ones. These small hatches have engines 660cc to 1000cc and are real good for fuel economy. So if you want a fuel economy car or a car which can carry decent amount of luggage without getting a big jeep type shape then hatch maybe a solution for you.


If you are really enthusiasts about cars and have a decent amount of financial reserves, better buy a supercar. You know what is best about supercars? well everything. These beasts contain big engines like V6-V12 and can go really fast. Some of them are also convertible. If you wanna ride alone, with you’r buddy, you’r gf or you’r spouse, just fill in your supercar and rip a hole through time.

So let us know which of the beasts you love the most and why in the comments below!

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Written by Ali Asghar

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