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Boost These 2 Hormones if You Want to Sky Rocket Your Muscle Building And Fat Loss

Grab Your Fitness By The Roots!!

Everyone wants to build big muscles and lose fat infact many people want to do both at the same time. Training intensely in the gym for hour long sessions, giving special attention to diet and eating some stuff which is not pleasant to you, is that what you do for staying in shape right? I know many of you sacrifice so much for your goal physique. So why not cover the roots of muscle building and fat loss which govern the entire fitness.

Hormones For Fitness

Yeah these are known as “Hormones”. To understand what are hormones in detail, better attend some medical class because I am an engineering student so I can’t describe hormones in unnecessary details like their structure and blah blah. In this article I would be covering how these hormones can help you and how you boost their production naturally.

The HGH And Testosterones

Before you think man how these hormones will help you? Let me tell you power of these hormones. Have you seen some insanely big and extremely shredded bodybuilders? Well its because they took steroids. What are steroids? Well these are basically HGH (Human Growth Hormone) directly injected in your blood stream with the help of a syringe. See, these HGH can make you build some insane amounts of muscles and lose insane amount of fat.

Good news is that our body naturally produces these Hormones like HGH and Testosterones so there is no need to use syringe. These hormones can be boosted with some lifestyle changes and they have a far more effect on our body and mind than anyone would think.

Basically what are these Testosterones and Human Growth Hormones. Well these are the hormones which regulates body’s fat burning and muscle building mechanism. The more you have these naturally boosted in your blood stream the more you are gonna see results. These hormones decide what to do with stored fat and damaged muscle so let’s figure out how to use these bad boys for our own good.


These are referred as the king of all hormones and due to their immense functions in our bodies they are well known. Testosterones are key factor for living a good sexual life so many people know testosterones because of their sexual performance. Testosterones are produced by our bodies to perform many functions but the three functions which are most important for us are

1) Muscle Building

2) Fat burning

3) Boosting sexual life.


Admit it peeps that’s all we need right?, I mean look you can build muscles with it you can lose fat with it and you can improve your bed performance with it so why not do our best to boost it. One thing should be kept in mind. In this article we are talking about boosting these hormones naturally which means to increase their production within our bodies. If these hormones are injected into the body with some syringe then these are referred as steroids and steroids can cause some real serious issues and can easily cause death.

Boost Testosterones

Well Let’s get back to our topic. Here is the list of factors you can incorporate to boost these bad boys.

  1. Train Heavy.Body releases most testosterones when we lift some real heavy weight for around 3-5 reps. In this rep range testosterone is rushed into blood streams so structure a full heavy weightlifting exercise in you workout schedule once in a week to boost some testosterones.
  2. Consume Vitamin D. There are a lot of studies and researches desperately trying to prove how testosterones can be boosted with vitamin D. In simple incorporate some Vitamin D in your diet and get some gains.

3. Consume good fats. Good fats are seen to really improve testosterone production because of         the fact that testosterone requires good fats in it’s production. Some sources of good fats                   include egg yolks, avocado, olive oil and many more.

  1. Consume some zinc. Now this mineral controls around 3000 biological enzymes and its really crucial for the production of testosterones. There are many natural sources of zinc out there like spinach etc.
  2. Have some sex. This factors will keep your Testosterone production in balance. However, If you are under 18 or have no access to sex don’t use your hand. Masturbation can cause negative effect.
  3. Proper sleep for about 8 hours is one of the most important factor to boost testosterone.
  4. Eat a balanced diet. Carefully consume your macro-nutrients, consume more protein and eat small meals more oftenly.

Human Growth Hormone


As the name of this hormone implies, this hormone is responsible for all kind of physical growth in human beings for instance their heights and body weight etc. This hormone is responsible for muscle building, fat burning and increasing bone density. HGH is one of the most important key hormones and when boosted naturally it can sky rocket your health goals. Wanna build some muscles?, burn some fat?, and increase some bone density?, well we got you covered.

Boost HGH

Here is the list of factors with which you can boost these growth hormones.

  1. Lower rest periods. HGH is boosted by training styles which have less rest periods. A heavy weightlifting session with some lower rest periods will surely boost HGH.
  2. High Intensity Interval Training. Now this training style alone can sky rocket Human Growth Hormone. Better check it out.
  3. Not all exercises are same. Compound exercises build greater muscles and help burn more amount of fat because of the fact that they boost HGH.
  4. Nothing beats a good 8 hour sleep. Better get some goodnight sleep if you intend to boost these hormones.
  5. A good well balanced diet can go a long way I fitness. Leave no macro-nutrient and mineral. Consume a good diet and that will boost HGH.
  6. Fasting has been shown to significantly increase HGH production. Don’t go overboard with it. Fasting surely helps but better think before giving them a shot.

So that covers up some brief tips to boost the key muscle building and fat burning hormones. If you like this article, feel free to comment down below!

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