Bethesda Must Include these Amazing Features in The Elder Scrolls 6


It has been a while since Bethesda launched the trailer of their upcoming title, The Elder Scrolls 6 at E3 2018. Two whole years have passed and we have heard absolutely nothing about the title. Considering the heights of popularity Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim reached, it’s quite reasonable for the fans to be asking so many frustrating questions about the sequel of the title.

With the very little information we have gathered from the rumors, meetings, and interviews, the name Redgaurd or Redfall is expected to be seen as the title of The Elder Scrolls 6. If you were expecting a release date, sorry to disappoint you but we only know that the title will be released after Bethesda whole new IP game in development, Starfield. Well, that’s another story.

Coming back to Elder Scrolls 6, the fans are coming up with all kinds of stories and theories to calm their impatient conscious and of course the long wait. Everyone’s hopes are up high, they are expecting the game not only to outrun its previous version but all other role-playing games too. We made an effort to gather all the features and every bit of information that makes these RPGs so remarkable and compelling as a way to tell Bethesda what the fans are hoping for in the Elder Scrolls 6.

More Compelling and Detailed World

Although the open world feels in Skyrim was pretty legit and all, it never really felt compelling enough for the fans to grow fond of it or get obsessed with it. With that being said, The Elder Scrolls 6 world should feel as real, alive, and refreshing as the blood pumping in veins. Every tiny detail of the title should be given keen attention to make this long wait worth it.

A Verity of Enemies

We don’t want the same enemies over and over again, it just feels boring. To be fair, the dragon fights were quite penetrating initially in Skyrim but after a while, they lost their aroma too. The fans don’t want this to happen in Elder Scrolls 6 too, a verity of enemies to keep the combats interesting and ever-green. Something a little new at the end of every combat to remember it by.

Enhanced Combat Settings

A smooth and subtle combat play is perhaps the most significant element in making an RPG outstanding. Many would argue about the combat setting of Skyrim but an upgrade in the combat setting is obviously the most wanted update. To make sure when the players wield a sword it should feel as light as a feather or the aroma of combat is lost. On top of that, this goes without saying that the title should most definitely be free of any glitches like delays in taking out a dagger or a sword. In addition to this, we also want Bethesda to bring variety in their spells otherwise where’s the imagination in the fantasy world?

A Must Upgrade of Weapons

Well, to be fair when it comes to weapons we are never satisfied, we always want more new weapons. Even though the weapons features in Skyrim were very captivating and thrilling, the fans still want Bethesda to think out of the box and come up with weapons that are worthy of this long-awaited title. Not only this, but the option to customize a weapon according to the character is yet another feature fervently asked by fans.

A Well Written Story

The reason behind asking for a well-written story is because Skyrim’s story seemed a little pale and boring. Similarly, many of the quests were actually a replica from old games like Oblivion and Morrowind. To wait for a game for so long and coming across a quest taken from an old game is just heartbreaking. We don’t want that in The Elder Scrolls 6, we want the storyline to feel surreal. Spending hours chasing a quest only to see it end with nothing is just frustrating, you start to lose interest, that is why we want every quest to feel more intense and enticing, ending with something that makes you excited for the next quest.

That was all regarding what we’d like to see in the next Skyrim. Meanwhile, if you’re currently playing the current Skyrim, make sure to check out the best wives that you can marry.