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Top 15 Best Cosplayers of All Time

Your Fantasies Are Real!

Holly Wolf and Jannet Vinogradova Sub Zero Samos and Overwatch Cosplay

Throughout our childhood we have always desired to become like our favorite superhero, villain or an anime character etc. We used to beg our parents to buy us our favorite hero’s costume and then used to wear it and jump around the house acting like we’re gonna save the day.


Not to mention, many kids have been injured and died by jumping out of the buildings thinking they’re superman or by doing other unusual things. But that should be of the parents concern so it’s none of our business.

Sometimes there are joyful things of our childhood that we simply do not want to let go, so many of us carry our childhood hobbies and passions throughout our adulthood as well, and when we do, we absolutely nail it.

Best Cosplayers of All Time

So check out these best cosplayers who cosplayed superheroes & villains from the most watched movies to the gaming and anime characters that people search hentai for. Follow them on Instagram to stay updated with their passions!

Jessica Nigri

Jessica Nigri is a New Zealand-American cosplay celebrity who is one of the most loved cosplayer throughout the world. She has truly embraced her passion of cosplaying and is the world’s leading model in the cosplay industry. From deadpool cosplay to overwatch, she has took over the lead on all of them!

Not only she plays a top role in promotions but she’s also a spokesperson at the fans convention interviews. She is also a Youtuber who posts videos related to the tips on cosplaying and showcases custom made costumes which she gets designed for herself.

For her passion, it all started when she went to the Comic Con with her friend as a “Sexy Pikachu” cosplayer.

The best thing was that she didn’t even knew what ‘cosplay’ meant and there when she gained the massive attraction, she eventually started to love and know more about this field.

Yaya Han

Yaya Han is a Chinese-American cosplayer who is also one of the top cosplayers in the female industry along with Jessica Nigri.

She is also the most loved judge in cosplay competitions and a leading cast in the famous reality show “Heroes of Cosplay.”

Yaya is not only a cosplayer but also a costume designer. She is one of the few cosplayers who has also built a business in this field. Well, since this field is more than a career to her, why not build a brand named on her?
To this day, she has made almost 300+ costumes and because of her quick artistic skills and bright costumes imagination, she can make almost any character’s costume she desires.


Danquish is born in Canada who loves cosplaying since childhood and took his passion more seriously from 2010.

He is more fond of armour and assassins type costumes where he plays a major role in the male cosplay industry.

He also works in the promotional field for the gaming titles and is currently just as famous as Jessica Nigri throughout the world.

Apart from cosplaying, he is also a hardcore gamer who talks a lot about games just as much as about cosplaying.

Not only does he simply play games like any other gamer, but also shows the love of his passion by cosplaying the game characters, thus proving the world that he is really following his dreams.

Crystal Graziano

Crystal Graziano Mass Effect Firefall Cosplay

Crystal Graziano cosplays as her hobby and is a freelance artist who draws fan arts.

She has been featured quite a lot of times in the Big White Bazooka’s cosplay photography book and also been sponsored by many gaming industries such as Firefall.

Alodia Gosiengfiao

Alodia Gosiengfiao GI Joe COBRA Baroness Cosplay

Alodia Gosiengfiao is a Filipina cosplayer who along with cosplaying also loves hardcore gaming. She is similar to her passions as Danquish’s and is a celebrity endorser who is an ambassador of “Animax Asia.” 

She also appeared in the #89th rank for the Filipino’s 100 Sexiest Women poll which took place in 2009.

Year by year she began working hard and appeared at position #76 in 2010 and #20 in 2010.

She took her work seriously and is now one of the most loved cosplayer and gamer in her region as well as throughout the world.


Knightmage has been cosplaying since he was a child. He took cosplaying as his dreams and he really accomplished them.

He loves cosplaying tough characters and has been on the red carpet quite a few times because of his dopeness.

From cowboys to the superheroes and creepy witcher styles, he has been in the top 10 list a lot and the leading star for the cosplay photographers.

Carlos Blanchard

Carlos Blanchard is best known for the Medieval Batman cosplay, he literally killed the title with his costume and got attention from many people just like Jessica Nigri when she first wore the Pikachu costume.

He is the most respected and talented costumer in the cosplay industry and is the mastermind of Facehugger corset which is now infamous.

He has personally been loved by many designers and they all praise him as the best client. Carlos is also the head of Rage Custom Creations which is a business that designs custom costumes.

He really has built a successful business out of his passions!

Holly Wolf

Holly Wolf Zelda Breath of The Wild Cosplay

Holly Wolf is not only a cosplayer that models for exclusive companies for which she travels throughout the world each year, but also a Playgirl that dates only Asian men.

She says that she doesn’t get attracted towards non-Asians, so if you’re an Asian, you might have a one in million chance!

She has been featured in many magazines such as FHM’s and Maxim’s and is a avid gamer who loves to cosplay her favorite characters from the games.

Her cosplay projects have reached millions of people around the globe!

Lindsay Elyse

Lindsay Elyse Gears of War Cosplay

Lindsay Elyse is an American cosplayer who designs all of her costumes by herself. She is also a gamer girl just like the other cosplayers and is a passionate writer as well. A wanted-model and a live streamer on YouTube.

She is also a leading cosplayer in the convention centers she visits, the most epic thing about her is that all of her costumes are designed and made by her which not only makes her one of the best cosplayers out there but also one of the greatest designer.

Happy 3 year anniversary to #Frozen! ❄️ 📸-@mineralblu

A post shared by Lindsay Elyse (@gglindsayelyse) on

Linda Le

Linda Le Blizzard Overwatch Cosplay

Linda Le A.K.A “Vampy / VampyBitMe” is an American cosplayer who’s personality is from Vietnamese decent.

For her, it all started when she cosplayed as a hobby and looked so lit that she got audience’s attention towards her, thus getting thousands of fans in the early days and later got featured by a Japanese toy collectible company known as Kotobukiya.

She got many features and was named one of the top 10 cosplayers in the world in 2014.

She said that she cannot be cosplaying for the rest of her life so she would probably be starting a business related to stuff such as designing her own costumes or a toy company.

Whatever the case may be, she for sure is the most attractive Asian cosplayer out there as she was also chosen as the #1 most prettiest Asian cosplayer in 2010.

Hoku Props

Chad Hoku Props Reinhardt Overwatch Cosplay

Chad Hoku Props is by far one of the most respected cosplayer out there who recently won $15000 last year in a TwitchCon by cosplaying as Reinhardt from Overwatch. His massive costume looked so dope that it attracted almost everyone present in the venue.

He is a passionate engineer who all his life was very much fond of creativity. Due to an unfortunate accident at a workplace in 2011, he lost his left eye.

But that didn’t stop him from his creativity, he found many ways to make use of his disability into something unique and cool, thus it also led him to create an LED light eye.

He also has professional skills in 3D-Modelling which is the number 1 reason behind all of his awesome creations.

Meg Turney

Meg Turney Black Widow Cosplay

Meg Turney is an American cosplayer who is by far still in the top 10 list of the best hottest female cosplayers out there. She is also a Vlogger who posts weekly Vlogs on her YouTube channel.

She has achieved great milestones online and is followed by more than a million followers from around the globe.
Her passion of cosplaying started just like Jessica Nigri – when she was invited by a friend to one of the conventions and was praised by hundreds and thousands.

 Jannet Vinogradova

Jannet Vinogradova Tomb Raider Lara Croft Cosplay

Jannet Vinogradova is an international and an experienced Russian cosplayer who works for many companies in cosplaying for the characters they desire.

She has been featured many times in the top 10 list and is being gossiped a lot on the internet for the Widowmaker character from Overwatch as the best ever hottest cosplay.

She is also a wig-maker who is currently one of the best wig-makers in the world. Her passion of cosplaying is just as much as making custom designed wigs for her clients.


MrDustinn Big White Bazooka Photography

MrDustinn is a cosplayer who is going great places in the next few months for sure.

As a male cosplayer, he has natural attractiveness and when he cosplays any character, it looks like the character he is cosplaying just came out of the show.

He has a long list of characters to cosplay on in the upcoming months and his favorite characters include all of the anime and manga characters.

As a naruto anime fan, I totally salute his Rock Lee cosplay. I’m looking forward with him for Kakashi cosplay or  #PowerofYouth


Riddle1 BatWomen Cosplay

Riddle1 is the world’s most recognized cosplayer who doesn’t cosplay simply in the sense of just ‘cosplay’ but rather she cosplays for a cause.

She is an experienced cosplayer who has been heard less by the world but when heard, she sets their heart on fire. She has been featured a lot in the magazines and called in conventions as well.

Her major epicness seen in the cosplays is that she not only just simply cosplays as a character, but sets her emotions just as the character she cosplays, making her look like a real life fantasy character. Weird but lit!

Wishing it was cooler! Costume by me / Photo @cyber_bird #ashe #leagueoflegends #cosplay #ashecosplay

A post shared by Riki Lecotey 'riddle' (@ridd1e) on

So let us know what you think about the article and your most favorite cosplayer in the list from the comments section below. Use the reactions feature to share your reaction with us!

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