Apex Legends: Mirage Getting Some Buffs In The Upcoming Season 5


As we are getting closer to another season of the Apex Legends, more and more eyes are sparkling with anticipations. Apex’s players are eagerly waiting for the 5th season to start so that they can get their hands on the translocating thief Loba, who is certain to make her entrance known in the upcoming season.

Although the center of attention here seems to be Loba, Apex has not neglected its existing legends. The legend we are talking about here is Mirage, the famous trickster having a variety of holographic abilities to elude from any difficult situation possible. Moving on, Mirage is technically one of the best legends of Apex, considering all his trickster abilities. He is still not a better stand against top-notch legends like Gibraltar, Wraith, and Pathfinder.

After taking all these details into consideration, Respawn Entertainment might be tuning in some new abilities in Mirage to ensure a safe and fair playing environment for all legends and players as well.

In addition, the news came out when the design director at Respawn, Jason McCord was asked whether or not Mirage buff will be in season 5. In reply to that Jason left a hint for the fans saying “Mirage fans would be happy”. So we finally know that buffs for Mirage are on tracks for Season 5.

Mirage Buff:

This news about Mirage buff has filled every Apex’s players’ heart with excitement. Everyone’s wondering what the new buff will be and what new exciting things they can do with it.

In the case of the buff, it is expected that Mirage’s ability to receive any incoming damage would be enhanced. Fortified Passive Perk might be added to Mirage’s Utility to reduce any received damage by 15%. Moreover, if this ability is added together with Vanishing Act Ultimate, it would be almost impossible for the rivals to hunt down Mirage.


On top of that, a data miner, iLootGames, recently said that: “Mirage is going to get the ability of the Emergency Dance Party. Whether that’s a Tactical ability or a replacement for his Ultimate, I don’t know, but that’s what I’ve been told will be part of his rework. It’s not just going to be a buff, it’s going to be a rework. We’ll find out in Season 5 is my hope.”

As soon as the news about Mirage getting a buff came out, players on social media started requesting other legends to be buffed as well, specifically Octane. However, there’s nothing concrete we can say about Mirage or Octane getting a buff. It’s just an educated guess, so we will have to wait for Respawn’s official word on it. Meanwhile, you can check out other features coming in season 5.