Apex Legends: Leaks Disclose Loba’s In-game Arrival Time And Location


Season 4 of Apex Legends is coming to its climax and Apex’s player cannot wait to get their hands on the upcoming season 5. With the next season getting closer, anticipations about the new legend Loba are at their peak. Everyone is eager to find out when will Loba hit the ground and where she will come from. According to a data miner leak, Loba is all set and ready to make its appearance in the game present week.

Respawn Entertainment has been teasing players with constant series of teasers of what’s on track for season 5. Players are tearing World’s Edge and Kings Canyon maps in hopes of finding any clues. However, some reasonable evidence regarding season 5 has also come to light like the reconnect feature.

Among all these theories and teasers, the news that Loba is ready to make her in-game debut is compelling. Apex’s players are already familiar with the look of the shady thief. Recent developments have led us to believe that Loba is finally ready to make her first appearance current week.

Loba’s In-game Debut

According to data miner ILootGames, phase 4 teaser of season 5 will mark the debut of Loba on the World’s Edge. Loba is supposed to meet with other players in the teaser which starts tomorrow at 10 am PST, April 28.

This information was revealed through an animation of an upcoming in-game event in Apex Legend. “mdl/Humans/class/medium/pilot_medium_loba.rmdl.” This controversial animation is also expected to start in “Phase 4” present week. Moreover, Loba’s debut in Phase 4 teaser is anticipated to be identical to Crypto’s debut in season 2.

Although the data miner admitted the fact that he cannot say anything for sure right now, Respawn will likely go down the same route as they did with Crypto in Season 2. However, according to some data miners, Loba will appear a few times for every player. As a matter of fact, this time limit is said to be only three. Unlike Crypto, as he always appeared randomly and there were no limits to him.

Loba’s In-game Location

Making an accurate statement about Loba’s location in-game is quite impossible. However, according to the hints given in the first three phases of teasers, her location will be Wraith’s Town Takeover or the Lab. While others suggest that the thief will break-in loot vaults. ILootGames further said that a fake minimap will be deployed while players are in the Labs. The three glad-card teasers revealed in the first 3 phases also mentioned fragmented maps.

In addition, another famous data minor Shrugtal came forward with his own theory about Loba’s first appearance this week. He said that players might be sent to Kings Canyon from Drill Site when she debuts.

Finally, the last important clue about Loba’s debut is her translocating bracelet, which has been discovered in the code of teaser. However, when the players will be able to access it is unknown, probably in teaser 6.

Nothing is sure right now, all we can do is wait till 10 am tomorrow to see what really pops-up.