Apex Legends: Guide to Finish the Third Broken Ghost Hunt “Enter the Revenants”


It almost feels like yesterday when Apex Legends started its season 5 and it has already taken the gaming world by storm. Now with the arrival of “Enter the Revenants” Broken Ghost Hunt, the fans can do nothing but drool over it with the craze. It’s like the entrance of Loba was not interesting enough that Apex legends have introduced yet another stirring quest making it one of the most remarkable battle royal games ever.

The Broken Ghost quest sets in motions with the theme of Loba seeking revenge from Revenant with support from other legends. The mysterious thief has to land in Kings Canyon at night and recover nine pieces of the secretive artifact without leaving Revenant a single clue.

It’s fair to say the light suspense and obsession surrounding the Broken Ghost Hunt is growing larger and larger with every minute. With that being, the mission seems quite an easy task, kill a bunch of prowlers, retrieve the mysterious artifact and escape but it’s easier said than done. So, we have broken down the whole process in three basic stages.

Stage 1: Terminate 6 Totems of Revenant

Let’s get started, the first stage is not really difficult when compared to the next two stages of the mission. Now before you encounter a prowler, you must know few things, firstly you don’t have any guns in this stage and you only have two powers, you can climb super-fast and can bash open any door.

Now to overcome this stage all you have to do after landing is find the six totems of Revenant and destroy them but steer clear of the prowlers as they can’t wait to get their hands on you. A quick pro-tip, try to stay as far away from the ground as possible, use your super-fast climbing power and stay on the roofs. The totems are brightened up by a hunt marker so finding them won’t be a difficult job.

Stage 2: Retrieve the Artifacts of Revenant

Moving onto our 2nd stage, once you have destroyed the artifacts and managed yourself to the next stage, you will be given weapons so you don’t have to be worried about being empty-handed against the prowlers this time but make sure you gather as much meds kits and loots as possible.

To retrieve the artifact, you will have to get into the Water Treatment facility. You will find a spot there, put your present week’s artifact there and assemble yourself for a messy fight. When your fight is over you will have a two-minute defense wave as a safe window for you to heal up.

Stage 3: The Getaway Part

If you have managed to finish the first two stages soundly there’s a pretty good chance that you will make it through this one too. This finale starts when the 2-minute defense window closes. It’s simple you will have two minutes to get away to the dropship waiting for you back at the point of interest. It would be best if you use the back door, get to your ship and hurrah the Hunt is over!