Apex Legends: A New LTM, It’s Schedule and Season 5 Launch Date


It is very unfortunate that Apex Legends’ Season 5 will face a week late delay than its supposed start time. However, as an alternative and as compensation for this delay Respawn Entertainment is bringing in a new LTM. So the rumors about the new Battle Armor LTM were actually true.

In an official blog post of the game, Respawn Entertainment revealed a new launch date of Season 5. At first, the new season was to begin on May 5. But now, the new date is a week later on May 12.

Furthermore, the developers explained the delay as a way to give players an additional opportunity. A chance to complete their ranked missions and clear battle passes before the next season kicks off. However, some believe that the delay may be due to remote working. And because of this reason, the season is not complete yet and the developers need some extra time to finish it.

Armored-up Limited-Time Mode:

The news of Season 5 coming a week later has certainly put some frowns on the faces of Apex’s players. Nonetheless, the new Armored-up Limited-time mode will cheer you up. Every player in the Battle Armor LTM gets the same type of Armor and a P2020 when you hit the ground. You’ll be able to get hold of batteries and shield cells but there’s no chance you’ll get a different armor.

Moving on to the dates, the new Battle Armor LTM will start on April 28. Every player in the battle armor will hit the ground in white armor. 5 days later on May 2, the armor will upgrade to blue and then to purple armor on May 6. Coming to the final stage starting on May 9, where all the players will have Evo Armor till the beginning of Season five on May 12.

In the meanwhile, you can check out the Reconnect feature of Season 5 Apex Legends. Stay tuned for more.