Apex Legends 6x Scope Needs Some Changes

Apex Legends

Respawn Entertainment has done a remarkable job by introducing a wide range of different weapon attachments in Apex Legends. From standard stocks to extended magazines, Apex offers it all. Players also have the luxury to attach various scopes to their weapons. The choice of scope matters a lot considering the right one can put you at an advantage. However, there is one scope that most players often avoid picking up.

The Problem With 6x Scope in Apex Legends

Players can find different types of sights, such as HCOG and Variable sights scattered across the map. However, while players have always been satisfied with every scope available in the game, there is something odd about the 6x Scope. The thing which annoys many players is that it only focuses on long-range combat. If you have to engage in a close-to-medium range fight while using it, then it won’t do you any good. Although you can switch to your secondary weapon, your opponent will take you down before you can even do it.

What Respawn Should Do 

While the most simple solution is to avoid picking up the 6x Scope in the first place, there is something Respawn can do to make it more feasible. On Reddit, an Apex Legends player claimed that Respawn should make some changes to the 6x Scope and make it useful in both medium-range and long-range combat. Basically, the user suggested that it should be converted into a 3x/6x variable scope.

Good idea or bad idea? from apexlegends

Many other players started agreeing with the user on his post, and some even claimed that they’d pick up the 2/4 or 3x scope over the 6x any day. This pretty much confirms that almost every player wants to see some changes to the 6x Scope as its something useless for them.

At the moment, the only weapon that is a good option for the 6X Scope is the Charge Rifle. Other than that, many players would prefer to place a 3x/6x Scope on their Longbow, Tripple Take, and so on. This will allow them to stay confident in both medium and long-range battles.

Apex Legends

Respawn is yet to talk about whether they will be introducing new attachments in Apex Legends season 5 or not. We do know that they are planning to bring the Reconnect Feature in the upcoming season, but nothing is known about weapon attachments. Season 5 has also been delayed to May 12, and there is going to be a new LTM before it.