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Now You Can Burn Insane Amount Of Fat With The Afterburn Effect

Just Burn The Fat Already

Afterburn Effect

Websites around the globe are filled with stuff like “how to lose 30 lbs of fat in 10 days” or “Eat this and say goodbye to fat.” Am I not right? But well…there is no such trick to achieve that kind of fat burning.

However, there is one approach and although this new approach wont help you burn around 30 lbs of fat in 10 days, but it can really boost that fat burning to a point which is greater than any other fat loss tactics available out there. And that is, which is widely known as… the Afterburn effect.

In simple words Afterburn is the elevation in metabolism which continues a day or 48 hours after the workout. As metabolism is boosted for the next whole day so is fat burning, so it’s like a person is always in a state of calorie burn even after hours from a single exercise! Sounds pretty good right? Let’s cover it in details.

Afterburn Effect Explained

What basically is Afterburn? Well the scientific name for this Afterburn is EPOC. It stands for Excess Post-exercise Oxygen Consumption. After a brutal workout our body is forced to use more oxygen which results in greater Afterburn.

So does this Afterburn can be triggered by every workout? Hell no there are only certain training styles which can boost Afterburn. A normal hour long cardio session will only burn calories for an hour long session as long as the person is involved in exercise. As soon as the person stops so do the calorie burning stops. But what if you can keep it elevated for the next day? So the question arrives that how many calories you could’ve burnt? Well…you can burn insane amount of fat since that’s what Afterburn does for you, no exact answers but definitely A LOT.

Training For Afterburn

There are certain training styles that trigger glycogen reserves and ATP reserves in such a way that it quickly depletes them. You might be wondering what are these ATP and glycogen reserves? Well these are source of energy our body uses to perform any kind of workout. So a sudden stroke on these reserves can cause Afterburn effect to activate. An hour long cardio session wont draw huge amount of energy from these reserves at once so we need some unique training styles which have potential to do so. Let’s see few of them

HIIT ( High Intensity Interval Training )


HIIT is well known for its exceptional abilities to burn fat and build some decent amount of muscles. But how does HIIT exactly works? Well…to understand that we first need to understand how does one performs HIIT.

It is performed by releasing energy in the form of short bursts, like sprinting in which a person runs all out for a relatively shorter period of time but with maximum intensity. Let’s go back to our first question on how HIIT works?

As you can see HIIT uses intense amount of energy for short interval of time so it really stresses the Glycogen and the ATP reserves, thus burning fat and building decent amount of muscles in a quick way! Tabata training and 10-20-30 training styles are some of the alternate ways to perform HIIT.

HIIT Workout

The ideal workout for HIIT is sprinting. How to do that? Well firstly get a decent warm up. Done? Now move all out for about 40 seconds and rest for about 20 seconds. This was your first minute of HIIT workout, so perform as much minutes of HIIT as you like, to be more precise I would actually say perform as much minutes as you can! This HIIT workout is gonna be super difficult though, but no pain no gain. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Heavy Weightlifting

Heavy Weightlifting

This training style is one of the best to really ignite that Afterburn effect. This training style uses a little bit of different approach. Despite draining glycogen and ATP reserves it damages muscle tissue deeply, so then these deeply damaged muscle tissue require energy to recover them so they keep the metabolism elevated till they get recovered.

So let us know what are your opinions about the Afterburn effect in the comments below!

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