About Us

MonstahFeed is a video game publication website founded in 2019. Counting on experienced staff, the site offers the latest news and information from the gaming industry. All of it presented in an eye-catching fashion on a website in which you’ll be able to move intuitively towards the pieces of info that match your interests.


Abdul Haddi | CEO & Editor-In-Chief

Haddi is the brains behind MonstahFeed. He makes sure that the content posted on his site is of the best quality. Other than writing, he has a keen interest in video games and is in love with Apex Legends. His dream is to make his site one of the best for gamers.

Ali Asghar | Executive Editor & COO

Ali Asghar

Ali is the guy who founded MonstahFeed alongside Haddi. He puts the plans into actions and handles all the technical things related to the site, making sure that our servers are up and running. If you get the best user experience here, then it’s all thanks to his efforts.

Saad Khan Jadoon | News Editor 

Saad Khan Jadoon

Saad developed his interest in video games since he was a little kid, and has since then played a lot of them. After discovering that he can write about them as well, he joined MonstahFeed to pursue his dream of becoming one of the best writers in the world. When not writing, Saad can be found at the front of his monitor screen trying to find a good series on Netflix.

Hassan Shahzad | News Editor

Hassan Shahzad

Hassan spends most of his time reading books but manages to find time for gaming too. He prefers spending most of the time indoors. However, he really loves visiting historical places. He’s really passionate about what he does and this is why we are proud to have him at MonstahFeed.

Amir Hamza Fareed | Backbone of MonstahFeed

amir hamza fareed

Amir Hamza Fareed is the backbone of MonstahFeed. In simple terms, without him MonstahFeed wouldn’t have existed; Ali Asghar wouldn’t have founded MonstahFeed, nor would have Abdul Haddi partnered with Ali Asghar or even met him. Hamza provided the freedom of putting ideas into reality for Ali Asghar through financial investments and philosophical conversations in business terms.

Saba Humayun | Graphics Manager

Saba Humayun

Saba is one of the greatest graphics designers we’ve met. She joined MonstahFeed after she realized our site needed some good artwork. If you ever find some awesome looking designs on our site, then Saba will be the person behind it.