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3 Common Mental Disorders Your Teen Might Be Facing

Better understand your teen before it gets too late

So your baby is all grown up to a teenager now and is starting to act weird, you might be wondering what is the sole reason behind this weird and sometimes rebellious behaviour. Is it because of poor parenting? Or you just couldn’t keep up with your baby’s day to day life. That might be the case in some scenarios but if you feel that you did you’r best in parenting and still you’r teen is acting different then chances are they might have caught some of these 3 common mental disorders.


1) Bipolar Disorder  

Bipolar disorder is one of the most common disorder almost every teenager catches on. Simple one can say that bipolar disorder is the constant fluctuation between the behaviour and thinking. Bipolar disorder is characterized by repeated episodes of Manic and Depressive disorders. Let’s consider all these in details.

Manic Episodes

Manic is the time period in which a person feels increased performance in every matter of life. Some of the symptoms of Manic episodes are

-) Excessively energetic. Due to this increased energy in their moods, they would be speaking rapidly and excessively, committing things which are out of their reach and might seem irritable to many people. Teens can often fall victim to hypersexuality in some worst case scenario which is definitely not a good thing.

-) Feeling full of themselves. Racing thoughts wont let them sleep for long time and teens encountered with manic episode sleep very few hours a day which can cause health concerns.

-) Increased goal driven activities. When caught under manic episode, they would be underestimating things related to their future and everything would start to be seems so easy and achievable since they get full of themselves

-) Feeling invincible as if they are some special beings sent directly by God for some special mission. They might see success as their only goal and this can cause violent and aggressive behaviour toward others.

In a worst case scenario, this manic episode might end with the teenager committing suicide because of so much elevation in their  mood all the time. This manic episode can last upto six months and if left ignored and untreated, it can cause some serious damage.

Depressive Episodes

During depressive episodes teens would altogether be feeling low. Some common symptoms of depressive episodes are

-) Feeling low and sad all the time with or without any apparent reason. This type of mood can sometimes ignite anger and irritation causing them to mess up things.

-) Feeling like they have no worth or no special place in this world.

-) Longer sleep sessions and changes in appetites cause some physical changes like weight gain.

-) Severe depression which can cause hallucinations and delusions in the worst case scenarios which can eventually lead to suicide or madness.

Sometimes both these manic and depressive episodes can strike repeatedly many times a day. Your teen might be feeling elevated an hour ago and now they would be all down and crying. Bipolar disorder can hit any person despite of their age and gender but most commonly it’s seen in teenagers. It’s best to consult a psychotherapist regarding your teen before it gets too late.

2) Intermittent Explosive Disorder


IED ( Intermittent Explosive Disorder ) is characterized by extreme burst of anger over a small to a moderate issue. A person with IED would burst into rage even on even a small disputed situation and can go to a point of violence creating moments they would surely regret after being worn off by this disorder.

Some people affected by IED might exhibit a single violent outburst of anger with physical abuse while others may show repeated outbursts with same intensity for hours. Patients with IED are often seen sweating, trembling, twitching and palpitative during and after their outbursts.

IED may be caused by many factors. It might be genetic or Environmental. People affected by IED react disproportionate to the situation at their disposal hence leaving them for some serious regrets after they get a hold of themselves.

If you suspect you’r teen reacts disproportionate to certain situations it’s better to consult a psychotherapist. Patients of IED have little to no control over themselves and they can cause serious damage to themselves and to their loved ones.

3) Dissociative Identity Disorder 

Dissociative Identity Disorder or more commonly known as Multiple Personality Disorder is a disorder characterized by exhibiting two or more than two different personalities by the same person.

Exact cause of Dissociative Identity Disorder is yet not know but many people suspect it to be because of a childhood trauma or some serious stress. Symptoms for dissociative Identity Disorder include distraction, day dreaming and common lapses in attention. Symptoms vary depending upon the stage of disorder.

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